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>> [applause] >> wow. thank you very much angela. let me say -- please, please sit down. all right. that's for my has ratty. >> no, that's mine. >> angela we really miss you here. you have been such a force and i enjoy working -- we will get that done. i assure you. that's a wonderful addition. not just north beach and another attraction for visitors from around the world as part of the international community and i honor that so thank you. thank you for working with me on ending homelessness as well and thank you even for being your civil rights attorney and you are still representing people in need and i appreciate that. i know angela represents again the kind of contributions the italian community has made to our great city and continues to make and i am here to tonight to wish you a great year of italian culture but to kick start it. it was really just a few months ago that the ambassador ofity italy came through and talk about this wonderful thing they were to do to celebrate year of italian culture but transfer that to our country of the united states so i know th
a lot to celebrate. when i was first introduced to our relatively new counsel general by angela he said "he's one of us" and angela said "i'm not so quite sure counsel general" but i shared with him when i took my seat on the board of supervisors i got a call from jay leno. true story. he called me to congratulate me on my public office and glad to know that other lenos were fairing well and asked if we had family in common and he laughed when i said i was part of his russian jewish part of the family so i left it with that. this is particularly appropriate to do this in san francisco and san francisco is a italian city and always has been and will be and to get things going i have seen you put in some years of service in telea eve and familiar with israel's politics you can get into san francisco's politics and i brought this and i know senator will say something as well and we want to congratulate you and all of our italian american community as we kickoff the year of italian culture in the united states and we look forward to joining hands with you to make it as successful as poss
angela represents again the kind of contributions the italian community has made to our great city and continues to make and i am here to tonight to wish you a great year of italian culture but to kick start it. it was really just a few months ago that the ambassador ofity italy came through and talk about this wonderful thing they were to do to celebrate year of italian culture but transfer that to our country of the united states so i know they're going to start those events in washington dc with their celebrations but let us san francisco celebrate -- mayor aleato and our wonderful history here and allow us to do a preliminary launch and so that's what we're attempting to do tonight and celebrate with you this launch of italian culture. it's very meaningful for us to did that year. we have a lot to celebrate. let me just say that painters, scrptdures, poets, musicians, designers, mathematicians, great architects of the italian country have come here to san francisco. we have experienced so much of the italian talent here in san francisco. that's why we wanted to be celebrati
in the latest poll by the biggest broadcaster. the 55% of the electorate would back angela merkel compared to 30% for the competitor. merkel's ratings are up and the competitor down 9%. the social democrats were hoping the election would turn them to government, but the numbers do not add up. asked about the level of competence, they give angela merkel top marks. previous the one of the most unpopular populations is now ahead. the leader of the free democratic party says they are just that 17%. it is a strong start to the year for angela merkel. despite concerns the ftp may not make it back, she now has her main rival firmly on their back foot. >> of course we are concerned, but i have been around awhile and i have seen this sort of thing before. it used a confidence, you can get out of these situations. >> the social democrats are trying to play down the polling numbers, but there is a feverish discussion on how to get the campaign back on track. >> for more on this now, we're joined bywhat issues are they lo focus on in order to win? >> they will focus on the good old fashioned a social issues
is a big election year in germany. chancellor angela merkel is in a strong position to win another four years in power. >> but if her conservative christian democrats come out on top, they will likely be forming a new government without their current liberal ftp coalition partners. on wednesday, merkel held her first cabinet meeting of the new year, and some of the faces seen here may not be around in 2014. although her conservative party has been gaining in the polls, the free democrats are under intense pressure. unless there numbers improve, they could be out of the bundestag after the election. >> with so much at stake and with all the parties gearing up for the battle at the ballot, we bring you this special report on what we can expect in the coming months. >> who will be the next tenant of the german chancellery? the election campaign is gathering pace. eight months remain to win over voters. angela merkel is hoping to lead conservatives to a third term in office. peer steinbrueck wants to unseat her, but the former finance minister faces a huge challenge. angela merkel's approva
-- investments and development aid, but wt he got i fear from his perspective from angela merkel was a cold shoulder. effectively, the chancellor told him to go back home and put his house in order, and also in terms of providing a stable backdrop, a stable framework. after all, until not long ago, as many as 1 million german tourists were going to egypt each and every year. another interesting point -- it is a fact that the imf has promised to grant egypt a loan worth $4.8 billion. the loan has been put on hold, but today, i have the feeling reading between the lines that president morsi and angela merkel will put in a good word. perhaps a boost their. >> what other words did angela merkel have for? >> she said the egyptian president had committed itself to a two-state solution for israel and palestinians, which i suppose is good news. she did broach a subject of commons that has emerged that he has made in recent times but israel and the jewish state, very controversial comments. he called on the egyptian people to "nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred for jews and scientists."
. it is being seen as a dress rehearsal for several elections in september and a verdict on chancellor angela merkel herself. david mcalester represents her party and is close to her. the poll suggests is neck-and- neck with the opposition social democrats and the green party. with go live now to hand over. what is the latest you are hearing there? >> the latest we are hearing is that it's going to be a long night. we will have to wait for the regional polling stations to be counted. the parties are really neck-and- neck and it could be angela merkel's christian democratic union or it could be the greens and social democrats. this is a bellwether region. this has farmers, big industry, europe's biggest automaker, volkswagen is located here. the religious split is catholic and protestant. what happens here is will what happened across the country generally speaking. that is why angela merkel made seven campaign stops here along with david mcallister, the christian democratic premier in this region, and that is why she is watching the results so closely. but the results so far is that we don't
political union, then it is not for him and not for britain. >> german chancellor angela merkel has chosen her words very carefully, responding at the world economic forum in davos by voicing conditional optimism as far as europe's future goes. she says that patience is needed for structural reforms to take effect. >> she has also called for more regulation of the finance industry to avoid more turbulence, a point of contention with britain. both agree that competitiveness is the key, but how to go about that is the big question. >> david cameron brought his message with him to the swiss alps. in his address to the world leaders in doubles, he repeated his demands for big changes to the u.s. and britain's relationship to it -- in his address to world leaders in davos. >> i'm not just proposing change for britain. i'm proposing change for europe. we are falling behind in the world, over regulating businesses, adding to much to their costs, and leaving our citizens behind. >> after cameron, all eyes turned to the german chancellor. angela merkel reacted cautiously. she avoided confrontation
angela merkel for her job later this year? the spd have their candidate. they want to send him into the campaign with winning issues. his party has been meeting this week just outside of berlin to set the party program for the general election scheduled to take place in september. our reporter, peter craven, attended the spd conference. he joins us now from the studio in the city center. the democrats have had success in a local election and could possibly be poised to knock angela merkel off her throne, so to speak. what are the chances? >> there is a bullish mood in potsdam. it has a lot to do with the election victory in lower saxony. it was part -- in part because they have strong elysian partners. -- coalition partners. that is a bit of a plus -- strategic fuss. the man they want to send into the ring to challenge angela merkel, peer steinbrueck, he has had his back against the wall not too long ago because of the indiscreet comments he made, also because of his extracurricular activities on the lecturing circuit, earning hundreds of thousands of euros. it was very controv
that could be a preview of national elections. >> in lower saxony, angela merkel's conservatives are hoping to stay in power, but the coalition partners they depend on, the free democrats, could be too weak to help keep them there. >> the opposition social democrats have been crashing in opinion polls as their chancellor candidate moves from one gaffe to another. here's more. >> angela merkel on the campaign trail in lower saxony -- it is a regional election that has taken on national significance. all the parties want to build momentum ahead of the election in the fall. angela merkel gave the christian democrat incumbent a glowing endorsement. >> he is a great state premier, so please do everything you can to make sure david mcalester can stay on sunday. i can continue my work for lower saxony. i can continue to serve lower saxony. together with my team, together with my delegates. >> it is an election that could seal the fate of the deputy chancellor i of his free democrats fail to into the legislature, as polls suggest -- if his free democrats failed to enter the legislature, as polls su
a stunning victory in lower saxony secured with the victory of just one seat. support for angela merkel's christian democrats fell by 657 percentage points, but the chance ler herself continues to ride high on opinion polls. for more on what all of this means, silvia wadhwa is here to join us on set. good morning to you. i guess, is this -- this is being presented as a blow to angela merkel or at least to her party. but given there's just a one-seat differential in the outcome, is that too strong? >> yes, it is. i think that there are two trends here. one trend is that both major parties, the social democrats and angela merkel are not really on a winning streak. they both have problems. the social democratic contender, the federal elections, is thinking fast or has been over the past two weeks of the popularity threshold and angela merkel has been riding and both of their parties are dithering. the sbc slightly inching higher and the sdu inching lower and they're both losing ground in a grander scale. it's the small parties that are the winners, definitely the green wes a record high of
is an election year in germany. angela merkel is riding high in the polls with her first coalition partners -- her first coalition partners could lose their place in the partner and -- in the parliament this year. and to the social democrat challenger composite failed to connect with the countries are far. -- the social democratic challenger has failed to connect with the country so far. >> angela merkel attended an event with a group of children dressed up as the three kings. she can afford to relax. she has great popularity with the voters there. >> we want a good government to continue in this wonderful state. that is only possible with david kowt -- david mcallister as premier. >> the social democrat needs a good result to boost his campaign. his reason, that the chancellor's wages are too low has gone down well with the voters, but has told the state and he can do better. >> i'm going to do things a little differently than usual. sometimes i'm too long winded and boring. and sometimes my comments need explanation. >> and then there is the fdp and its leader. there's a lot riding on the
's investment ideas. good morning. on this monday, january 14th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: it may be a trade-with-caution kind of a session. that's because federal reserve chairman ben bernanke delivers a speech right at the market close today at the university of michigan. he will be taking questions from reporters. the week starts with the s&p 500 still above 1470. stocks have now made gains two weeks in a row to in the new year. best buy was one of the top- performing stocks in the s&p friday. shares gained $2 after reporting holiday sales weren't as bad as traders thought. and blackberry is building a buzz over its new smartphone rolling out at the end of the month. reports say verizon, sprint, t-mobile and at&t all plan to provide networks for the blackberry 10. it's considered a major victory for reach in motion. what better way than to start the morning with tim mulholland of china-america capital? good monday morning to you. > > good morning angela. > what do you anticipate in the market for the week? > > we are off to a very strong start to the year. we get some retail sa
people is angela tickler, the hardware store across the street who will speak to the importance of this program now. (applause) >> angela. >> good morning. i'm also the president of our local merchants association. and, so, we have done a lot of work with carmen and katie's help over the last few years trying to educate particularly our mono lingual merchants in the area how they can protect themselves against these lawsuits, which we know for a fact can close small businesses to have to close, which is a shame. * cause small businesses, in addition to hiring 51% of the people in the city, are also a huge part of the city's character and individuality, the things that make san francisco special and we want to make sure that that can keep going on. >>> it is incredible that the mayor and carmen chu have figured out how to do this program as a small business owner myself, i am unable to afford to be able to pay for a casp inspection, yet i know how important it could be to me should a lawsuit come my way. so, i will be applying for one of these inspections and i am encouraging al
's bring in our political panel angela mcglowan, and a former chief of staff to joe manchin. it boggles the mind, the president with a jobs council the last year january, 2012. unemployment tad, angela and chris, 8.5% and now fallen to 7.8%, but while it's a good thing it's falling, there are till 21 million unemployed so unemployment has not fallen far enough. the light bulb has to go off. what progress is the job council making when creating more jobs? >> it's not made much progress and are we surprised that the president has not met with his jobs council in one year? this administration has been about political gesture, political manipulation, blame games, but what has really been done? kelly, remember in 2009 he appointed like 32 czar. we had an economic czar, a stimulus accountability czar, an interview czar. it's been about political gestures, but not actually solutions, but my question is, where is the public outrage? >> the public outrage, the public doesn't really understand what's going on with the jobs council, chris, weigh in on that for me. >> let's put some stuff into cont
with sfmta for 13 years. the next award is being presented to miss angela jensen from woods who has been with us for 12 years. both operators are being recognized today for displaying exceptional service in and a high level of citizenship. on november 29th, 2012, she demand outstanding compassion to a victim of assault who boarded hurricane train in the area of sunnyvale and, nor shore. her quick response to notify central control and police and ambulance while providing compt to the victim until the police and arrival of the ambulance has earned her recognition today. on tuesday, november 20 20 12 miss [stkwro-pb/]son witnessed a robbery in progress on the corner of or and corbett streets. as her coach was approaching the scene she took immediate action, instantly notifying central control and requesting police assistance. the prompt response by hitting the panic button resulted in the hasty retreat of the robber. consequencely saving the victim from more serious marm. we would like to thank both of you for finding such a fine scene ofle of customer service while demonstrating the highe
, they will be reaching full capacity. >> in just a moment, we will be hearing from chancellor angela merkel in her new year's message. >> first, a look at other stories making headlines around the world. the turkish prime minister has told all loans assyrian refugees the other countries on the brink of a new beginning. they will be replacing president assaad. he was joined by the head of the leader of the opposition coalition. turkey has taken on 150,000 syrian refugees. >> at least 16 people have been killed and 76 injured in a series of bomb attacks across iraq. they mainly targeted government officials and police. seven people were killed south of the capital, baghdad. >> india remains in morning two days after the death of a woman who's a gang rape earlier this month shocked the country. many hotels and clubs have closed down in respect of the woman. the rate and death triggered widespread demonstrations. >> rescue teams in colombia are searching for survivors after this varied parts of a road. they believed 20 people may be trapped under the road and there are unconfirmed reports of at least two
with angela chan and the statewide organization against domestic violence; angela did a webinar, a top priority. we will support tom -- introduced on monday to strengthen california's response to this. we are living in san francisco where things are not quite as bad. you can speak to anyone no matter where they are on the continuum of immigration reform about the chilling effect of domestic violence survivors and families, and why the federal initiative is dangerous. >> that is not what i was appear for; i wanted to talk about how honored i have been to be here for two years as part of the language workgroup; access to criminal justice, community day services, justice, safety. it is homicide prevention. as we know from many homicides that we work with families, we have done court watches over the years, and the tragedies that we have seen, language access makes a difference. the trust and logistics of those languages being available has been a real honor. i cannot thank chief -- and deputy chief -- and deputy chief beal, and the two language officers have been so helpful.
and your credit cards are maxed out, then the spending must stop. >> jamie: angela mcglowan is a fox news political analyst and mary anne marsh a democratic strategist, former advisor to john kerry. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> jamie: angela, now our taxes went up. anyone who opens up their paycheck knows for sure, what about spending, how critical is it at this juncture, still, that we get a hold of that? >> we have to, jamie. it's very critical at this time. listen, we can't tax our way to prosperity. so we can't spend our way to prosperity and we need to balance the budget and washington d.c. from tt left and the right, mary anne will agree with me, we have a spending problem here in washington d.c. and with the fiscal cliff, now averted, we need to stop playing politics and leaders need to lead this nation back into prosperity. we need to stop the political posturing, and i don't believe that we should have a government shutdown. but, jamie, if they don't come to some conclusion by marsh 4th at 11:59 p.m. we will have a government shutdown. >> jamie: mary anne, a lot of p
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 366 (some duplicates have been removed)